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About Algomate Trading Platform

Algomate created a multi-use cryptocurrency platform (Bloomberg for Crypto) that sits on top of exchange accounts bringing features across exchanges, simplified reporting, trading automation and much more.

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Algomate Trading Platform Features & Specs


  • Automated Strategies. Create automated strategies utilizing our C# application and web framework across one or multiple exchanges.
  • Price Comparison Charts. Explore Price Data across multiple exchanges / view pries across multiple exchanges for discrepancies / on one chart.
  • Manage Multipleย Exchanges. Oversee and manage your balance across exchanges. you can see everything in one view rather than all of your separate accounts, in a master view with your balances and orders across all exchanges
  • Execute Complex Orders. Create: Market, Limit, Stop limit, and other custom Complex Orders.
  • Make Trades. Add your API keys to trade through the Algomate trading platform and utilize automated trading strategies.
  • Export Trade History. View/Export trade history in one platform into a downloadable report.

The AlgoMate Trading Platformโ€™s current alpha release includes the ability to manage algos through the the web portal, as well as being able to manage through the C# application. AlgoMate will continue to expand the web application into mirroring the features contained in the C# application.


  • Algomate can manage deploy systems to help you navigate exchange systems to quickly and efficiently place difficult high frequency trades and circumnavigate geo restrictions to get your orders filled.


  • AlgoMate ingests price feeds on all tickers available from cryptocurrency exchanges. Supported Exchanges:
    • Binance โ€“ Bitfinex โ€“ Bitstamp โ€“ Bittrex โ€“ BitZ โ€“ CoinBasePro โ€“ Gemini โ€“ HitBTC โ€“ Huobi โ€“ Kraken โ€“ OKEX โ€“ Poloniex

Web client and API client coming soon!

Algomate Trading Platform Team

  • Parent Company Algomate Inc.
  • Team Location New York, NY, U.S.
Jean-Philippe Creedon
Jean-Philippe Creedon


Marko Simovic
Marko Simovic


Jonathan Cinque
Jonathan Cinque


Josh Hundley
Josh Hundley

Director of Technology

Algomate Trading Platform Support

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