Ben Wenger

Chief Engineer at xx network

Ben Wenger Bio

Ben architected xx cMix and leads cMix software development; he also is responsible for recruiting xx nodes and for launching the xx network itself. He studied electrical engineering at Cal Poly Pomona and was recruited by Dr. David Chaum as a key member of a rapid prototyping team focused on Augmented Reality solutions. He developed embedded software, designed electrical and optical systems and was responsible for scientific computing.

In 2017, Mr. Wenger joined Chaum’s stealth blockchain project as VP of Architecture. He focused on designing real-world applications of cryptography including cMix precomputation and node team processing in order to deliver revolutionary scaling and performance. Alongside his technical responsibilities, Ben is also intimately involved in system design of the xx platform including provisions for long-term stability and growth through Governance and Tokenomics.

Ben Wenger Current Work

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