Could civil war in Ethiopia affect Cardano’s Africa plans? Could civil war in Ethiopia affect Cardano’s Africa plans?
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Could civil war in Ethiopia affect Cardano’s Africa plans?

The Cardano community eagerly awaits news on "birds landing," but could the escalation of violent conflict in Ethiopia scupper these plans?

Could civil war in Ethiopia affect Cardano’s Africa plans?

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Cardano’s strategy in Africa could face a setback following the intensification of civil war in Ethiopia. There’s even wide speculation that Charles Hoskinson’s cryptic messages about birds landing refer to closing an Ethiopian government contract.

But, if “birds landing” refers to Ethiopia, is now an inopportune moment to rollout?

The Tigray Conflict

Armed conflict between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) has waged since November 2020.

The TPLF refuses to join Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s plans to merge constituent political parties into his new Prosperity Party. They also accuse Ahmed of illegitimate rule due to the constant postponement of elections.

Ahmed claims election delays were necessary to counter the spread of COVID. This has created reports that ENDF troops, who have teamed up with Eritrean forces, are unleashing a campaign of ethnic cleansing, rape, and starvation against the Tigrayan people.

Witnesses and survivors give disparaging accounts of their experiences at the ground level. One man, a local priest, described what he saw when coming across a make-shift burial site.

“It was difficult to pull them out. Most were already eaten by wild animals. Others were half-eaten by dogs. Their bodies were torn into pieces; their faces were filled with insects. We splashed fuel on the bodies to cleanse the insects.”

Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Gebremeskel denies targeting civilians, instead referring to such stories as fabrications.

When Will The Birds Land For Cardano?

Although there’s been no official word from Cardano, an announcement of an African contract is expected.

Hoskinson remains tipped lipped on the details. But based on a two-year-old AMA video in which he spoke about signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ethiopian government, many believe “birds landing” refers to this.

He went on to say the deal would see residents of Addis Ababa use a cryptocurrency token to pay for utilities and public transport.

However, as the conflict intensifies, concerns grow over the feasibility of this rumored deal. One Reddit user, who claims Ethiopian descent, chimed in by saying partnering with the Ethiopian government, at this time, would likely lead to the failure of the project.

“This is not the government, time, or place Cardano wants to partner with. If you want to look at this solely from a strategic perspective and remove the human factor; a partnership with Ethiopia is far more likely to lead to failure at this time and that can only negatively impact the project.”

This person also raised the issue of what happens to people who don’t sign up and, in line with allegations of state-sponsored atrocities, the potential to oppress dissenters using such a system.

However, with so many variables to consider, not least the possibility that birds landing may not refer to Ethiopia, it’s too soon to draw any conclusions at this stage.

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