What is Securitize?

Securitize Inc. is a San Francisco-based technology company that operates Securitize, a platform for issuing and managing compliant digital securities on a blockchain, including dividends, distributions, and share buy-backs.

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Securitize Details

Securitize Services

The Securitize Issuance Platform.

  • The Secu­ri­tize issuance plat­form is a full-stack tech­nol­o­gy solu­tion for issuers of dig­i­tal secu­ri­ties.
  • One of the most important and unique aspects of its technology is the Digital Securities Protocol (DS Protocol). The DS Protocol allows for the compliant trading of tokens on secondary marketplaces, like Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) in the U.S., and many other global securities exchanges and marketplaces.
Securitize Features
  • 11 Live Digital Securities
  • 5 Trading in Public Markets
  • 25+ Current Customer Pipeline

Securitize Team

Carlos Domingo
Carlos Domingo

CEO / Co-Founder

Jamie Finn
Jamie Finn

President / Co-Founder

Shay Finkelstein
Shay Finkelstein

CTO / Co-Founder