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Creating NFTs focused on community and long term value

Kusama Kingdom Background

Kusama Kingdom is an NFT project that started with the Kusama Kings collection in October of 2021 on Singular (built on Kusama).

From the outset, the goal was to create a project that focused on community and not just profits. We are aiming to build something special not just through the NFTs having value but also through our Discord and ‘The Great Hall’ – a private area for Kusama King or Queen holders to discuss the wider ecosystem, other NFT projects, crowdloans and anything else they like while taking in some cold ales.

Kusama Kingdom News

Kusama Kingdom Features

Kusama Kings

Kusama Kings is the first NFT collection from the Kusama Kingdom universe. We released the Kusama Kings through listings, auctions, and giveaways from October 2021 to January 2022. The mint is now finished, but Kings can still be purchased from the secondary marketplace.

There will only ever be 110 Kusama Kings released – 60 Limited, 25 Rare, 15 Ultra Rare and 10 Legendary (please see the Rarities page for more information).  All are hand-drawn and every Kusama King is unique!

Kusama Queens

Every King needs their Queen; as such, we are rolling out 110 Queens to accompany the Kings in the Great Hall. We believe The Great Hall still has room to grow and we will only strengthen as a community by inviting more people. After the Queens, The Great Hall will be closed forever and no further collections will be granted access. Entry to The Great Hall can still be yours through purchasing a King or Queen from the secondary market.

The Queens will be granted every privilege that the Kings have with the exception of dividends from the King’s Bounty. As with the Kings, we believe the best collections have utility added and developed over time, we will continue to under-promise and over-deliver.​

We will also be taking 5% of Queens sales and setting them aside in a fund in order to try and support women entering the crypto space (in collaboration with @women_incrypto). This could be applied to anything from creating educational events, giving grants to promising artists or even providing devices to poorer countries to enable remittances to be sent home more easily. This will develop over time and we are very excited to have the opportunity to try and help the space.

The Queens will follow the same rarity structure as Kings (60 Limited, 25 Rare, 15 Ultra Rare, and 10 Legendary).

Royal Babies

Naturally, you would expect Kings and Queens to want to take their relationships to the next step and consummate their vows. Once you hold a King and a Queen in your wallet, you will have the option to purchase a wedding ring, which may be used to create a Royal Baby. There will only be 50 wedding rings available [5 will be dropped each week for 10 weeks]. These will not be open to the public and can only be redeemed by people holding a King and Queen in their wallets.

A King or a Queen can only claim a ring to be married once. This ring does not need to be used to produce a baby straight away. You can choose to hold the ring and use it in the future on a different King or Queen. This also allows people to sell their rings once claimed if they have not been burnt. While a King or Queen may only marry once, they may produce more than one baby as long as a new ring is burned for each child.

Wedding rings will increase in price each week, starting at 1 KSM and increasing in price each week by 0.5 KSM. Any rings unsold in a week will remain available at the prior week’s price.

A wedding ring can be redeemed for a baby; the baby will be a custom NFT and will take on the genetics of both the King and the Queen; the higher the rarity the stronger the gene pool. A baby will always inherit one item from each parent (e.g., If you hold Zombie King and a Limited Queen, the Baby would possess strong zombie traits.

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