Hivemind Ventures

Investing in L2 & L3 Bitcoin startups

Hivemind Ventures Background

Hivemind Ventures invests in L2 & L3 Bitcoin startups building the future of finance, communication, and energy.

The founder of Hivemind Ventures is Max Webster. He has a decade of experience as an early stage venture capitalist, angel investor, and startup founder and is passionate about spreading decentralized money (bitcoin), internet, and energy (solar + DERs) for the world.

Prior to founding Hivemind, Max was an investor Version One Ventures in San Francisco. Prior to that, he helped start several companies in the solar and Bitcoin industries, most notably Bright, the leading residential solar company in Mexico, and Entiende Bitcoin, a consultancy conducting user/market research for Latin American Bitcoin companies like Bitso. He’s also an advisor at the Square Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative, where he was lead author on this recent paper about the intersection of Bitcoin and energy markets.

Hivemind Ventures Team

Hivemind Ventures
Max Webster


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