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All-in-one analysis platform to visualize blockchain data

Footprint Analytics Background

Footprint Analytics provides API and visualization tools to uncover and visualize data across the blockchain, including NFT and GameFi data. It currently collects, parses and cleans data from 20+ chains into structured and semantic tables. It lets users build charts and dashboards without code, using a drag-and-drop interface as well as with SQL.

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Footprint Analytics Services

For Institutional Investors

  • Simple and fast tool
  • True APY for each pool
  • Grasp new investment opportunities

For Protocol Developers

  • See all aspects of operational data
  • Build trust among the community
  • Understand industrial trends

For Media & Analysts

  • Zero code analytics
  • Timely data

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Footprint Analytics Team

Footprint Analytics
Tony Zhang


Navy Tse
Navy Tse

CEO, Co-founder

Footprint Analytics
Wade Deng

CTO, Co-founder

Footprint Analytics
Shelly Wang


Footprint Analytics

Research Lead

Footprint Analytics

Sales Lead

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