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Compass Mining Background

Compass is a Bitcoin-first company on a mission to encourage more people to learn about, explore, and mine Bitcoin while enhancing network security. Compass also conducts research to instruct both novice and experienced bitcoin miners, as well as creates an industry-leading podcast.

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Compass Mining Services

  1. Equipment Procurement: Compass Mining assists users in selecting and purchasing mining equipment from reputable manufacturers. They provide guidance on hardware options and ensure that customers receive quality products.
  2. Hosting Services: Once the equipment is purchased, Compass Mining offers hosting solutions by partnering with data centers or mining farms. These facilities provide the necessary infrastructure, including power supply, cooling systems, and internet connectivity, to operate the mining equipment.
  3. Management and Maintenance: Compass Mining takes care of the day-to-day management and maintenance of the mining equipment. They monitor the performance, troubleshoot any issues, and handle repairs if required. Users can access real-time information and analytics about their mining operations through the Compass Mining platform.
  4. Mining Pool Integration: Mining pools are groups of miners who combine their computational resources to increase their chances of successfully mining blocks and receiving rewards. Compass Mining facilitates integration with mining pools, allowing users to join and contribute to a larger mining network.
  5. Profitability and Transparency: Compass Mining provides tools and resources to help users track the profitability of their mining operations. They offer real-time data on mining rewards, electricity costs, and other relevant factors. This enables users to make informed decisions about their mining activities.

Compass Mining Team

Compass Mining
Paul Gosker

Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer

Compass Mining
Thomas Heller

Cofounder and Chief Mining Officer

Compass Mining
Emre Demirors

Chief Information Security Officer

Compass Mining
Alyson Sved

Chief Of Staff

Compass Mining
Vincent Vuong Vincent Vuong

Senior Director Of Growth

Compass Mining Support

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