Lumerin Protocol

Decentralized Bitcoin Hashpower Marketplace

Lumerin Protocol Background

The Lumerin Protocol is revolutionizing the crypto mining landscape by decentralizing hashpower transactions and management. It addresses the challenge of mining centralization by establishing a marketplace for the free exchange of hashpower, eliminating the necessity to physically own mining hardware.

This protocol operates on a peer-to-peer basis, facilitating the routing of data streams in accordance with the directives of smart contracts. Utilizing the Lumerin Protocol, any asset transmitted over a TCP/IP connection can be integrated with real-time Oracles, enhancing the asset creator’s ability to maximize exposure to potential buyers through various delivery channels. The protocol transforms Bitcoin/POW hash rates into a marketable, fluid financial commodity, thereby increasing mining profitability and broadening access to capital.

Lumerin Protocol News

Lumerin Protocol Features

Decentralized Bitcoin Hashpower Marketplace

The platform introduces a Decentralized Bitcoin Hashpower Marketplace, recognizing Bitcoin mining hashpower as a pivotal, tangible asset for on-chain transactions. Lumerin’s mission is to democratize hashpower access, facilitating its trade worldwide in a secure, decentralized environment.

Lumerin Wallet

With the Lumerin Wallet, users have the capability to exchange ERC-20 tokens for genuine Bitcoin mining hashpower. This feature allows participants to reap mining rewards directly in their mining pool wallets, mirroring the experience of operating an ASIC miner from the comfort of their homes.

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