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Stewarding the Cosmos ecosystem

Interchain Foundation Background

The Interchain Foundation is the foundation behind the Cosmos Network.

The Interchain Foundation develops and maintains foundational, decentralized protocols and supports organizations in building an internet of shared resources, security, and value creation.

Interchain Foundation endeavors to responsibly shape a new technological paradigm that is secure, interoperable, and community-owned through its three core mandates:

  1. Fund: Development, research, and teams building and maintaining the Cosmos Hub, IBC, SDK libraries, and applications
  2. Steward: A diverse ecosystem of open source, decentralized technologies throughout the Cosmos Ecosystem
  3. Advance: Blockchain technology through advocacy and partnership with researchers, regulatory agencies, and nonprofits

Interchain Foundation News

Interchain Foundation Services

Investments:  Interchain Foundation invests in projects that expand the ecosystem by addressing transparency, security, and real-world applications for open, decentralized networks.

Advocacy: Interchain Foundation is committed to supporting advocacy initiatives that promote the development of responsible regulatory environments.

Technology: Interchain Foundation funds the development of the interchain stack: open source protocols, libraries, and tools for interconnected chains. In addition to the foundational IBC protocol, its teams maintain Cosmos SDK, Tendermint Core, IBC, CosmWasm, and CosmJS.

Builders: The Builders Program provides mentorship, structured support, and access to a wide network of partners. It is led by a team experienced in building the ecosystem’s software and infrastructure.

Interchain Foundation Team

Interchain Foundation
Brian Crain

Vice President

Interchain Foundation
Fernando Pedone

Council Member

Jae Kwon
Jae Kwon

Former President

Interchain Foundation Headquarters

Baarermattstrasse 6, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

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