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Prometheum Background

Prometheum is a financial technology company that focuses on developing and operating regulatory-compliant infrastructure for the issuance, trading, and settlement of digital securities. The company aims to facilitate the transformation of traditional securities into digital assets by leveraging blockchain technology.

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Prometheum Services

  1. Digital Securities Ecosystem: Prometheum offers a comprehensive ecosystem for digital securities, encompassing issuance, trading, and custody services. Their platform enables companies to tokenize their securities and conduct offerings in compliance with applicable securities regulations.
  2. Tokenized Securities Offerings: Prometheum provides tools and services to facilitate tokenized securities offerings (TSOs). Companies can leverage their platform to issue digital securities and conduct fundraising campaigns while adhering to regulatory requirements. Prometheum aims to democratize access to capital markets by providing a streamlined and inclusive fundraising process.
  3. Trading and Secondary Market: Prometheum operates a licensed alternative trading system (ATS) called Prometheum Ember ATS. The ATS enables compliant trading of digital securities, allowing investors to buy and sell tokenized securities in a regulated marketplace. It provides liquidity and a transparent market for digital securities trading.
  4. Compliance and Regulatory Framework: Prometheum places a strong emphasis on compliance with securities regulations. They work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure that their platform and operations meet the necessary legal requirements. By addressing regulatory concerns, Prometheum aims to foster confidence and trust in the emerging market for digital securities.
  5. Investor Services and Custody: Prometheum offers investor services, including investor onboarding, identity verification, and investor relations tools. They also provide custody solutions for digital securities, prioritizing the secure storage and management of tokenized assets.

Prometheum Team

Martin H. Kaplan


Aaron Kaplan

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Kaplan

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Gareth Jenkins

Chief Technology Officer

Rosemarie Fanelli

Chief Regulatory Officer

Randy Sofferman

Chief Financial Officer

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