Ondori (RSTR) is a rapid secure transaction resource (RSTR) for a private peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network.

RSTR Price Chart

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Ondori Details

Market Cap $2,779,359
Reported Volume 24H

Reported Volume calculates volume from all exchanges with market pairs, but due to factors such as wash trading, it is considered an unreliable metric.

Circulating Supply 37,766,847,790 RSTR
Total Supply 43,903,795,597 RSTR
First Announced July 5, 2018

Ondori Technical Details

Consensus Proof of Stake (PoS)
Staking APR 45%
Block Time 60 seconds
Algorithm POS 3.0

Ondori Masternode Details

Masternode Support Yes
Coins Required 30000000 RSTR
Coins Rewards 55%

Ondori Features

  • Speed. Fast, secure, and private transactions. With 60 second block time and QuickTX payments that confirm in less than a second.
  • Rewards. Earn rewards by PoS or masternodes.
  • Privacy. Send either public and private with custom Zerocoin protocol. zRST ensures your balance and transaction history are kept private by being untraceable and anonymous.
  • Secure. Not only do masternodes help to provide QuickTX, but they also help to maintain privacy of transactions and secure the network from 51% and other attacks.
  • Algorithm: PoS 3.0 Bitcoin Core 0.10.x
  • Privacy: Custom Zerocoin Protocol (zRST)
  • Instant Send: QuickTX
  • Block Size: 2MB
  • Transactions Confirmations (Min): 6
  • TPS: 173
  • Yearly Emissions: 406,814,400
  • Daily Emissions: 1,114,560
  • Transaction Confirmations (MN/Staking Rewards): 51
  • Block Reward: 774
  • Block Reward Split PoS: 45% PoS (348.3 RST), 55% MN (425.7 RST)