$0.00009 -2.13%
Market Cap $3,469,902
24 Volume $3
Circulating Supply 37,766,847,790 RSTR
Total Supply 43,903,795,597 RSTR
Announced July 5, 2018

RSTR Price Chart

1h +0.11%
24h -2.13%
7d +1.06%

What is Ondori?

Ondori (RSTR) is a rapid secure transaction resource (RSTR) for a private peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network.

Ondori Technical Details

Consensus Proof of Stake (PoS)
Staking APR 45%
Block Time 60 seconds
Algorithm POS 3.0

Ondori Masternode Details

Masternode Support Yes
Coins Required 30000000 RSTR
Coins Rewards 55%

Ondori Features

  • Speed. Fast, secure, and private transactions. With 60 second block time and QuickTX payments that confirm in less than a second.
  • Rewards. Earn rewards by PoS or masternodes.
  • Privacy. Send either public and private with custom Zerocoin protocol. zRST ensures your balance and transaction history are kept private by being untraceable and anonymous.
  • Secure. Not only do masternodes help to provide QuickTX, but they also help to maintain privacy of transactions and secure the network from 51% and other attacks.
  • Algorithm: PoS 3.0 Bitcoin Core 0.10.x
  • Privacy: Custom Zerocoin Protocol (zRST)
  • Instant Send: QuickTX
  • Block Size: 2MB
  • Transactions Confirmations (Min): 6
  • TPS: 173
  • Yearly Emissions: 406,814,400
  • Daily Emissions: 1,114,560
  • Transaction Confirmations (MN/Staking Rewards): 51
  • Block Reward: 774
  • Block Reward Split PoS: 45% PoS (348.3 RST), 55% MN (425.7 RST)

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