With blockchain technology customers and users of Logis Coin will be able to track the entire route that the ordered goods have done before they fall into their hands. The network behind the shelf of the store will no longer be hidden, which will allow the client to make more informed decisions.

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LogisCoin Details

Market Cap $50,677
Reported Volume 24H

Reported Volume calculates volume from all exchanges with market pairs, but due to factors such as wash trading, it is considered an unreliable metric.

Circulating Supply 2,351,213 LGS
Total Supply 2,351,215 LGS
First Announced August 9, 2018

LogisCoin Technical Details

Consensus Proof of Stake (PoS)
Staking APR 15%
Block Time 60 seconds
Algorithm X11

LogisCoin Masternode Details

Masternode Support Yes
Coins Required 1000 LGS
Coins Rewards 85%

LogisCoin Team

Wladyslaw Hintsynger
Wladyslaw Hintsynger


Damon Bryant, PhD
Damon Bryant, PhD

CEO / Co-Founder

Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor

Business Development Director

Braimir Metlicar
Braimir Metlicar


Pradeep Paramanathan
Pradeep Paramanathan

Official Representative in India