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Researchers Find Vulnerability for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple Digital Signatures in Faulty Implementations

Researchers recently identified vulnerabilities in cryptographic signatures for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, that allowed attackers to calculate private keys and, consequently, steal any crypto in that wallet. In total, the researchers calculated hundreds of Bitcoin private keys and dozens...

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Data Shows that Women Are Underrepresented in Blockchain and Crypto

New data shows that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are male-dominated, severely underrepresenting women in the workforce. A LongHash report published on December 11, 2018, analyzed the most recent 100 blockchain startups and found that the industry employs significantly...

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Blockchain Investors Lose Billions to Projects with ‘No Evidence’

Since 2017, investors have lost billions investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. In an information-starved environment, exit-scams, poorly executed ideas, and applications that simply do not make sense are able to thrive. A recent article can possibly shed some...

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Princeton Research Claims China Motivated to “Kill” Bitcoin, Selfish Miners Governing 74 Percent of Network

A research study published on Oct. 5 claimed growing Chinese influence over the Bitcoin protocol is a “looming threat” to the $114 billion network. The paper alleged that China presents a problem to the security, stability, viability of the pioneer...

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