Why this crypto event on the Adriatic coast will be unlike all others Why this crypto event on the Adriatic coast will be unlike all others

Why this crypto event on the Adriatic coast will be unlike all others

The upcoming BlockDown event will be unlike all others.

Why this crypto event on the Adriatic coast will be unlike all others

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Set to begin on May 11th, BlockDown Croatia will be the world’s first NFT-enabled Web3 festival. The successor of the hugely popular BlockDown events, this year’s conference will take place in the sunny Croatian town of Šibenik, where attendees will gather to listen to dozens of speakers talking about the future of the web3 industry.

However, there’s much more to BlockDown Croatia than just panels.

On that note, Erhan Korhaliller, the founder of BlockDown Festival, EAK Digital, and Istanbul Blockchain Week said:

“BlockDown Croatia is a hotspot for creativity, technical innovation, and Web3 culture all wrapped into one stunning location. At BlockDown, we’re pushing the limits of merging both the physical and virtual worlds,”

Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming three-day event.


BlockDown Croatia won’t be all work and no play. Between May 11th and May 13, guests will attend three extravagant parties—one in an exclusive beach club hosted by popular NFT party brand Party Degenerates, another in the ‘cyber city’ featuring augmented reality face masks and the other in the historic St Michaels Fortress overlooking the entire town of Šibenik.

To take a break from the daily gatherings on Šibenik’s beaches, guests will be able to hop on daily boat tours and take part in partying off the shore. Guests with VVIP passes will be able to join an exclusive catamaran sailing experience and attend one of the several private parties that will take place during the three-day event.

Owners of the increasingly popular Kusama Kings NFT collection will gain access to an exclusive private lunch and get the chance to participate in the Kings ecosystem in person.

A map of Šibenik with some of the locations of BlockDown Croatia events


To live up to its name as a Web3 festival, BlockDown Croatia will feature multiple interactive art exhibitions.

The highlight of the event will be an interactive NFT gallery, where attendees will be able to interact with over 40 screens to personalize the performance space. Several augmented-reality (AR) art displays will also take place during the event, as well as virtual reality (VR) activations of various exhibitions.

Guests will be able to see artists paint murals in person and interact with other attendees during the live event.


Keeping in line with its NFT theme, BlockDown Croatia will feature multiple workshops such as a  workshop in partnership with Moonbeam. Development executives from Moonbeam will discuss launching NFT dApps on Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible and interoperable environment in Polkadot. Another workshop explores our impact on the environment allowing attendees to calculate their own carbon footprint, of their travel and crypto wallets and how many trees they will have to plant in their lifetime to not only become carbon neutral: but carbon regenerative.


Attendees will be able to hear dozens of speakers deeply involved with the crypto and Web3 space. The speakers, ranging from influencers and heads of community to business executives and founders, all share a common trait—being on the front line of Web3 development.

Other leaders from the worlds of sports, art, fashion, and music will also be attending, sharing their views on how Web3 can be integrated into different industries.

An interactive game

To make BlockDown even more interesting, an NFT-based RPG game has been built into the festival. As tickets for the event are sold in the form of NFTs, the more guests engage with the festival the higher they’ll rank up the leaderboard. At the end of the three-day event, those ranking the highest can expect to receive special prizes.

Both the festival’s organizers and its attendees have high expectations for the event.

“BlockDown Festival is like no other event I have worked on or seen in the web3 space,” Korhaliller told CryptoSlate.

He explained that the interactive nature of the festival was an attempt to keep up with the relentless pace of innovation associated with Web3. Back in 2020, BlockDown was the first live virtual Web3 event hosted in the metaverse. Korhaliller noted that the festival made its mark in the industry by bringing metaverse events to the mainstream, which is why he hopes that BlockDown Croatia will have a similar impact on the events industry with its first IRL festival experience.

“BlockDown Croatia will allow people to meet one another in a more authentic and natural way, rather than your typical 60 seconds business card pitch,” Korhaliller told CryptoSlate. “I expect deeper,  meaningful relationships to be built between attendees as they enjoy the unique venues and experiences that we have in store for them.”

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Disclaimer: CryptoSlate is a media partner for BlockDown.

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