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Seattle’s Block 3: The Blockchain Community for Pioneers [INTERVIEW]

As the ideological fuel of blockchain, decentralization may have become the be-all-end-all for many members of the industry’s blossoming workforce. For all of the paradigm’s disruptive wonder, one startup is doing everything it can to bring the people of blockchain together—Seattle’s new blockchain co-working community, Block3 at Galvanize.

Home to such monoliths as Microsoft and Amazon, Seattle seems to be a likely candidate for one of blockchain’s unfolding strongholds—with names like Storm, Bittrex, Dragonchain and RChain already calling the city home.

Now, setting up shop in the enduring tech hub of the Pacific Northwest, Block 3 aims to create a physical port of call for the industry’s innovators, both veteran and prospective.

Its creator, Stephen Mok, paints a rosy picture of Seattle’s blockchain scene, describing to CryptoSlate its “palpable excitement” for new projects, “highly capable pool of technical talent, an increasingly active investment pool and engaged government representatives.” To Mok, such ingredients would constitute the recipe for sustained success.

Blockchain NW founder Justin Wu gave a video introductory tour of the new Block3 offices via a tweet:

However utopian Seattle’s scene may be, Block 3 would realize the vast potential of community—one that provides a “common intellectual ground” to the individuals driving growth ecosystem-wide.

Centralizing the Decentralized

Largely unannounced, blockchain’s eruption as a technological powerhouse would have caught many off guard; yet, the isolation of developers appears to have persisted beyond the rise of their egos.

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As the industry moves above and beyond the mysterious origins of Bitcoin, it would seem like a natural progression for its architects to come together in the flesh; collectively accelerating the growth of what may be the greatest technological revolution since the epidemic dot-com boom.

Block 3 would see its place in what is a primarily fragmented community, creating a knowledge-hub where sharing and collaboration not only fosters the growth of new projects but bolsters the notoriously limited talent pool by providing neophytes with educational content. Perhaps most crucial of all, however, is the chance to rub elbows with some of the young industry’s most seasoned players.

Mok told CryptoSlate:

“There is professional and social utility to be gained by working alongside pioneers. This dynamic is enhanced by the fact that blockchain is an emerging technology and that any time you can put more innovators in the same room, great things can happen.”

According to Mok, such conditions could create an ideal breeding ground for “serendipitous” opportunities; the type of fortuitous collaborations that see real-world problems get solved, and presumably legacies left. As he put it:

“Block 3 is the place where today’s blockchain innovators will change the world and tomorrow’s innovators will learn to refine it. We’re waiting for you.”

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