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Examining the #DeleteCoinbase Controversy: Is Coinbase Selling User Data?

One Coinbase executive recently said that its partners were “selling client data to outside sources,” stoking privacy concerns. Controversy has been brewing since the exchange’s acquisition of blockchain analytics company Neutrino on Feb. 19th. Purportedly, the founder of Neutrino...

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Quadriga’s Cold Wallets “Empty Since April,” Brian Armstrong Suspicious, and Kraken Announces $100,000 for Tips

There is mounting evidence that there is more to the QuadrigaCX incident. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is suspicious, Kraken suggestively announced $100,000 for tips, and Bloomberg recently reported that Quadriga’s cold wallets “have been empty since April.” Activity from...

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Dash Venezuela Team Issues a Response to Embezzlement Accusations against Dash Merchant Venezuela

Eugenia Alcalá, the CEO of Dash Venezuela, issued a statement following embezzlement accusations against Dash Merchant Venezuela, a separate Dash-funded organization. Some in the community are still outraged. Meanwhile, the CEO apologized for delays in delivering its balance sheet...

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Tether’s Billion Dollar Reserves May Not Equate to ‘One-to-One Backing’ or ‘No Misconduct’

Bloomberg reported that Tether “has the billions it promised,” suggesting that USDT could be backed one-to-one by dollars. That said, the reserves do not necessarily prove Tether’s innocence in a laundry list of other misconduct. On Dec. 18th, Bloomberg...

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