BitBoy removes host Ben Armstrong amid meme coin controversy – reports BitBoy removes host Ben Armstrong amid meme coin controversy – reports

BitBoy removes host Ben Armstrong amid meme coin controversy – reports

Ben Armstrong parts ways with BitBoy Crypto amid ongoing speculation and rumors.

BitBoy removes host Ben Armstrong amid meme coin controversy – reports

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Ben Armstrong, the influential figure behind BitBoy Crypto, has reportedly left the company, leaving the crypto community in speculation.

According to a screenshot shared by Bitcoin author Jason A. Williams on X, Armstrong’s exit from “Hit Network/BJ Investment Holdings and all its subsidiary brands, including BitBoy Crypto and Around The Blockchain,” is effective immediately.

Armstrong himself confirmed the unexpected development on his personal X account, joinBENCoin, stating,

“TJ Shedd & Justin Williams have attempted a coup at my companyโ€ฆ There has been a mutiny at BitBoy Crypto & Hit Network. But it won’t work. They have no leverage.”

This statement acknowledges the internal conflict within his company but suggests confidence in retaining control despite his departure.

The reasons behind Armstrong’s exit remain unclear, fueling an array of conjectures. Crypto scam investigator ZachXBT questioned whether this sudden move connected with Armstrong’s recent engagement with several ‘sketchy’ meme coins. However, a concrete correlation between the two events is yet to be established.

Armstrong has faced a wealth of criticism for advocating risky investments trading to casual investors through affiliate links, along with claims he sold tokens after promoting them to viewers.

In this whirlwind of changes, the fate of Armstrong’s digital currency, BEN, also came under scrutiny. Though some followers speculated its downfall, Armstrong, responding to a query in a post, quickly dismissed any such possibilities. The assertion hints at his continued involvement in crypto ventures despite his exit from BitBoy Crypto.

Rumors of a potential investigation involving Armstrong have further stirred the pot.ย Adam Cochran shared his anticipation for Armstrong’s departure with sarcasm, citing a rumor of an impending investigation that might have triggered the sudden move.

While Armstrong’s departure has certainly sent ripples through the crypto community, the actual impact on BitBoy Crypto and BEN is yet to be seen.

The official BitBoy X account has released a formal statement stating that Armstrong was removed due to issues with “substance abuse” and “emotional, physical and financial damage he has done to the employees of Hit network & the Bitboy Crypto community.”ย  The post replaced a promotional post for the crypto betting platform as its pinned post.

Updated Aug. 29 following the official statement.

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