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SHIRTUM – A New Level of Collectibles

SHIRTUM – A New Level of Collectibles

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SHIRTUM seeks to provide footballers and their collectors with new ways to earn. The protocol operates as a global marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These tokens differ from traditional cryptocurrencies in that they represent a unique item. SHIRTUM NFTs are rare collectibles derived from the real-life experiences of your favorite athletes. 

SHIRTUM differs from the competition in that its user base is the international football community. Users will be able to scroll through their favorite players and gain access to behind-the-scenes stories and memorabilia. The platform offers users the opportunity to learn about these rare football collectibles straight from the players directly. In this way, SHIRTUM connects sports enthusiasts and players in new ways.

Market Opportunity

SHIRTUM isn’t the first NFT marketplace to recognize the endless potential these tokens provide to the sports community. The platform Top Shot, which is an NBA-based NFT market, has sold billions in tokens since its launch last year. In one incident, a single NFT of Lebron James dunking sold for $250,000.

SHIRTUM seeks to improve on this experience through a variety of unique features. The platform takes the NFT collectibles market a step further by formally integrating players and their stories into the equation. Imagine listening to your favorite player tell you the history of a certain item and then offering you the opportunity to either purchase it directly or acquire an NFT based on the memorabilia. 

What Problems Does SHIRTUM Attempt to Fix?

SHIRTUM helps to alleviate one of the biggest problems in the industry – counterfeit goods. The sports memorabilia arena is filled with fakes and frauds. It’s just too easy for a person to fake a signature or duplicate a particular ball or shirt. A recent report highlighted just how bad the problem had become when it quoted a  retired FBI agent’s estimate that roughly 50% of all vintage sports memorabilia on the market is fraudulent.

The introduction of NFTs into the sector helps to alleviate these concerns significantly. For one, all NFTs live on the blockchain. In this way, they operate as traceable and immutable digital assets. Anyone can use a blockchain explorer to verify the authenticity of these digital items for free.

SHIRTUM Features

SHIRTUM is packed with cool features that are sure to interest collectors. For one, the platform enables players to share with their fans the most iconic items they have accumulated during their career, without relinquishing ownership of the item directly. In this way, players can connect with billions of fans on a new level.

Fans will enjoy a more immersive experience when using SHIRTUM. They will gain access to exclusive content not available on any other platforms. Best of all, they can easily collect and trade their digital assets.


At the core of SHIRTUM’s platform is an easy-to-use interface. This portal provides users with access to all the vital information they need to make informed collection decisions. It simplifies NFT trading which, in turn, helps promote blockchain adoption.


SHIRTUM is able to provide a secure link between players and collectors via its advanced API protocols. The platform’s versatile API is designed to facilitate transactions and integrate across platforms seamlessly.  

SHIRTUM Mechanics

SHIRTUM leverages multiple components to make its ecosystem function. The first component is the Player Museums. Each player receives their own memorabilia museum where they can showcase their shirts, trophies, and special keepsakes to fans. Each of these items will be accompanied by a complete explanation and inside stories of why they are so valuable to the player. 

Users will be able to collect and exchange limited-edition tokens linked to each piece of memorabilia. Notably, the interface allows you to also see the characteristics and history of the item along with its price. You can see the scarcity and past ownership of the item as well.  


Users can collect and share these items on SHIRTUM’s digital exchange. The market is where collectors can meet up and trade, sell, or auction off their pieces. Notably, all items are priced in Euros to simplify the process. However, all payments are made in SHI, the native utility token of the platform. 


The FanZone is a feature dedicated to bringing the community closer. You can see interesting stories and other exclusive videos here. This section is also a great place to learn the history of some of the top-performing NFTs in the SHIRTUM market. 


Every user receives a personal gallery. This is where you can keep track of your purchases and showcase your collection to the world. You can offer your NFTs for sale directly from your gallery as well. In this way, collectors gain access to added liquidity.


In the coming weeks, users will gain access to staking functions on SHIRTUM. The rewards for staking your crypto on the network will differ depending on the amount you commit. The developers have stated they intend to offer prizes such as early access to NFT sales, discounts on NFT prices, exclusive NFTs, the chance to acquire the original physical shirt directly from the player, and even the opportunity to meet your favorite player in person or via chat. 


SHI operates as the main utility token for the network. Notably, SHI is a BEP-20 token that resides on the Binance Smart Chain. Users need to hold SHI to utilize SHIRTUM services. You can purchase NFTs, gain private entry to exclusive events, and even acquire voting rights when you hold SHI. Interestingly, the developers intend to launch an ERC-20 version of the token shortly to service the Ethereum community. 

SHIRTUM – A Platform for the Next Level Sports Enthusiasts

SHIRTUM provides sports collectors with new and exciting opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible just a few years prior. There is little doubt that football fans would pass up the chance to own a shirt from their favorite player or some other piece of game-time memorabilia. 

Best of all, the transparent nature of the platform ensures that you always get 100% authentic memorabilia. For these reasons, SHIRTUM is set to see growing adoption in the coming weeks as more collectors get hip to its unique business model.

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