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Hut 8 is a digital asset miner with two digital asset mining sites located in Southern Alberta and a third site in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. It is led by a team of business-building technologists, bullish on bitcoin, blockchain, Web 3.0, and bridging the nascent and traditional high performance computing worlds. Of any digital asset miner or publicly listed company worldwide, Hut 8 has one of the highest capacity rates in the sector and one of the largest inventories of unencumbered, self-mined Bitcoin.

Hut 8 was the first Canadian digital asset miner to list on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

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Hut 8 Team

Hut 8
Jaime Leverton


Hut 8
Shenif Visram


Hut 8
Aniss Amdiss


Hut 8
Erin Dermer

SVP Communications and Culture

Hut 8
James Beer

SVP Operations

Hut 8
Sue Ennis

VP Corporate Development

Hut 8
Josh Rayner

VP Sales

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