Interview with “Social Monster” UXLINK: How to Shake Up the Web3.0 “Acquaintance Social” Market?

UXLINK cements its position as a Web3 social platform innovator with over $105 million in user token balances and plans for expansive protocol integration.

Interview with “Social Monster” UXLINK: How to Shake Up the Web3.0 “Acquaintance Social” Market?

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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2024 / UXLINK, a Web3.0 social platform and infrastructure project focusing on “acquaintance social”, is making waves as the “Social Monster” in the community. The aim of UXLINK is to foster trust, drive higher growth, and increase viral efficiency for users through mutual acquaintance relationships.

Since the launch of UXLINK and the integration of EOA accounts into UX Account until March 2nd, the total token balance of EOA accounts linked to UX Account has surpassed $105 million, with an average balance of over $350 per EOA account address. Users are spread across numerous countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South Asia. With the platform being online for 10 months, there are over 4 million certified users, covering 80,000 groups and nearly 6 million individuals.

The official statement indicates that UXLINK will gradually open up the UXLINK RWS protocol to integrate with more Web3 applications, providing user-centric infrastructure services suitable for developers and ecosystem partners, such as games and AI applications.

UXLINK has recently completed another round of financing, raising over $9 million in cumulative funding. Investors in this round include OKX Ventures, Manifold, Web3Port Foundation, UOB Venture, Comma3 Ventures, Cypher Capital, Kucoin Ventures, Gate Labs, Forgame (0484.HK), Signum Capital, and 7UPDAO, among others. According to Singapore company registration information, HongShan, Matrixport Ventures, and ZhenFund are also listed as investment institutions. The community reveals that there is a high probability of another round of financing before TGE.

To learn more about the features and future plans of UXLINK after the funding announcement, BlockBeats conducted an exclusive interview with the UXLINK team members.

What Sets “Social Monster” UXLINK Apart?

BlockBeats: Please give us a brief overview of the UXLINK project.

UXLINK: UXLINK is an integrated social ecosystem that drives Web3 traffic, socialized exchanges, and infrastructure. Affectionately referred to as the “Social Monster” by the community, UXLINK’s underlying logic is unique and highly innovative. Unlike other social infrastructure projects that focus on one-way following relationships, UXLINK emphasizes two-way, acquaintance social relationships, akin to the difference in social structure between Twitter and WeChat.

UXLINK’s product includes the application layer and the infrastructure layer. The application layer mainly consists of the Social DEX module and the UX Growth (Link to Earn) module. The infrastructure layer includes multi-layer data integrating acquaintance social relationships and the RWS social protocol. Additionally, we plan to launch the Social Liquidity Layer, utilizing OP Stack L2 + EigenDA to support ecosystem developers and third-party usage.

BlockBeats: As a social infrastructure, what projects or teams have developed practical products on UXLINK?

UXLINK: Currently, there are two main products in the application layer: UX Growth (Link to Earn) and Social DEX.

UX Growth (Link to Earn) is a new type of Dapp within the ecosystem. Users contribute their social graph data through the Link to Earn mechanism and receive rewards in return. This innovative concept combines social networks and transactions, creating a powerful ecosystem where people can fully utilize their digital assets. This product captures users’ social data for the UXLINK protocol while offering user growth services for various products within the UXLINK ecosystem.

Social DEX combines AI trading bots with UX Group. Based on the UXLink protocol, it helps users participate more effectively in the crypto market within familiar social environments using AI-assisted tools. The logic is similar to China’s “Pinduoduo,” leveraging acquaintance relationships for endorsement and guidance, reducing trading friction and enhancing efficiency.

In the infrastructure layer, the main product is the RWS protocol. Developers can use the API and SDK provided by UXLINK to call users’ social graphs for personalized recommendation services such as connecting with potentially known individuals, content of interest, or products, significantly reducing product launching costs. We are also planning to launch a social chain called the Social Liquidity Layer, which provides liquidity possibilities for users’ social data assets, allowing the value of users’ social networks to be leveraged in different Web3 applications.

With the continuous improvement of UXLINK’s infrastructure, more developers and third-party Dapps are entering the UXLINK platform. For example, EarlyBird3, a third-party GameFi team, recently completed product bootstrapping and user growth by integrating the UXLink protocol. The product utilizes social data from the UXLINK protocol to implement features like friend rankings and friend support, enhancing user stickiness.

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