NVIDIA backs decentralized cloud provider Aethir for future of AI and cloud gaming NVIDIA backs decentralized cloud provider Aethir for future of AI and cloud gaming

NVIDIA backs decentralized cloud provider Aethir for future of AI and cloud gaming

Singapore-based Aethir joins NVIDIA Inception Program to democratize web3 cloud for global corporations.

NVIDIA backs decentralized cloud provider Aethir for future of AI and cloud gaming

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Singapore-based Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) Aethir has announced its inclusion in the NVIDIA Inception program. The collaboration signifies the rise of decentralized technology as an option to create secure, fast, and cost-effective artificial intelligence (AI) and gaming experiences globally.

Aethir’s central product, the Aethir Atmosphere, embodies a GPU-as-a-Service ecosystem, democratizing a novel web3 cloud for corporations aiming to deliver advanced user experiences. By integrating itself with the NVIDIA Inception initiative โ€“ a program that cultivates startups spearheading technological innovation โ€“ Aethir sets itself up to utilize cutting-edge NVIDIA deep learning technology,

Participation in the NVIDIA Inception program will provide Aethir with a support mechanism for navigating the intricate startup landscape, according to the company’s press release. Alongside providing a platform for networking with venture capitalists and heightening its profile at exclusive NVIDIA Inception events, the collaboration offers Aethir the opportunity to exchange knowledge with leading experts and other AI-focused organizations.

Kyle Okamoto, Chief Technology Officer of Aethir, commented on the significance of this partnership for the company. He emphasized that NVIDIA’s unparalleled expertise in GPU technology and deep learning will be critical as Aethir continues to push boundaries in cloud gaming and AI verticals. Okamoto stated,

ย “This collaboration not only accelerates our technological trajectory but also firmly positions us within an elite network of forward-thinkers and industry leaders.”

The NVIDIA Inception program assists startups during pivotal stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Customized and ongoing benefits such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, marketing support, and technological assistance are provided to every member.

With its focus on DCI, Aethir aims to revolutionize cloud infrastructure by offering an alternative solution to the pressing issues of cost and latency associated with delivering premium GPU computational loads.

This latest development showcases NVIDIA’s commitment to advancing AI and gaming industries’ ever-changing needs, combining technological innovations with industry collaboration to drive the future of DCI.

Web3 alums back Aethir.

In July, Aethir closed a funding round, propelling the company’s valuation to $150 million. The round featured contributions from global investors such as Arthur Hayes’ Maelstrom, Sanctor Capital, Hashkey, and Merit Circle.

Founded in 2021, the Singapore-based DCI company positions itself to offer scalable and secure Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) services to meet the stringent needs of enterprise-grade gaming and AI applications.

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