New electric car ‘Spiritus’ will mine Dogecoin and Bitcoin while parked New electric car ‘Spiritus’ will mine Dogecoin and Bitcoin while parked
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New electric car ‘Spiritus’ will mine Dogecoin and Bitcoin while parked

Canadian developer Daymak announces the world’s first electric car designed for mining crypto.

New electric car ‘Spiritus’ will mine Dogecoin and Bitcoin while parked

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Daymak, a Toronto-based manufacturer of personal light electric vehicles announced yesterday the first car built to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and others while parked.

The company went the extra mile to the moon by accepting pre-order payments in a multitude of cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and Bitcoin (BTC).

Let’s make it a bit more holy 

The upcoming electric car model called Spiritus that is set to launch in 2023 will include a comprehensive cryptocurrency infrastructure, promising profits to the believer. 

“Whereas most vehicles are depreciating while they sit in your garage, the Nebula Miner will make you money while your Spiritus is parked,” the company said.

The most inventive crypto features include Nebular mining hardware and the Nebular crypto wallet. Each vehicle will feature “an industry-leading GPU in mining price-to-profit” and a wallet app offering staking features for drivers, supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, and others

“Every Spiritus vehicle will be a node on the Blockchain,” said Daymak and addressed the obvious by blessing their new model with solar charging capabilities: 

“As an emission-free daily driver with solar charging capabilities, Nebula infrastructure turns Daymak’s Spiritus vehicles into environmentally-friendly crypto miner nodes, which is an unprecedented milestone in the rapid evolution of blockchain technologies.”

In order to make it even more attractive to crypto enthusiasts the company is accepting pre-orders in Doge, Ethereum, Cardano, and Bitcoin, while actively  “working with a variety of exchanges to offer leasing payments via crypto.”

Not the first driving to the moon

The Canadian manufacturer is not the first to come up with an idea to rig a car with crypto mining hardware.

Half a year ago, crypto trader, miner, and hodler Simon Bryne installed a 6 x RTX 3080 mining rig into his BMW i8 hybrid vehicle, as he said, “just to annoy gamers” and make some extra money.

Turns out that while big names were playing big roles in the Bitcoin energy consumption drama, average Joes were busy building scenography for the set. 

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