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Enigma’s Data Marketplace Goes Live Ahead of Schedule

Enigma’s Data Marketplace Goes Live Ahead of Schedule

In a somewhat unexpected announcement, developers at Enigma have revealed that the mainnet for their data marketplace has been released ahead of schedule.

The Enigma Data Marketplace is a decentralized platform that allows for the construction of novel dApps in a secure and safe manner. It is sandwiched between the core protocol and application layers and has been designed to be fully compatible with Catalyst — Enigma’s algorithmic trading library for crypto-assets.

One of the main issues with today’s blockchain-based platforms is their lack of data-privacy functions when operating in conjunction with smart contracts. Enigma’s latest release aims to change all of that and is looking to create a new protocol which helps developers realize the true potential of “decentralization”.

In-Depth Look…

Enigma Data Marketplace is designed to help bridge the gap that currently exists between data providers, curators, and consumers looking to subscribe to such services. With this release, Enigma is focusing solely on crypto financial data-sets that have been devised by them as well as other third-party providers.

A technical depiction of the Enigma Data Marketplace.

From a usability standpoint, we can see that the aforementioned data-sets can be employed by either regular crypto investors or traders using Catalyst.

Through their blog, the devs at Enigma have released a list of curated information that will be available via their marketplace. This includes:

  • Historical market cap data for tokens
  • Circulating supply data for tokens
  • Trading volume data for tokens
  • Github activity data for projects

Additionally, as part of the latest release, the company revealed that it had partnered with certain companies to provide users with high-quality crypto-financial information. These partnerships include:

  • Kaiko — Trade and book-data provider
  • InfoTrie — Social sentiment data tracker
  • NapoleonX — Bitcoin trend data service

What’s planned ahead?

With the company already ahead of schedule, investors look primed for whats to come.  As per the roadmap, the next item on the agenda seems to be the release of Discovery — Enigma’s Protocol MVP. Discovery will introduce Secret Contracts 1.0 as well as improve overall dApp data privacy.

The projected date for this release is sometime in Q2 2018.

For more information about Enigma including price, market cap, daily volume, social media links and founders, please visit our Enigma coin profile.

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