El Salvador effect: Spain considers allowing mortgage payments in crypto El Salvador effect: Spain considers allowing mortgage payments in crypto
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El Salvador effect: Spain considers allowing mortgage payments in crypto

Will Spain do an El Salvador and push the crypto agenda forward on the global stage?

El Salvador effect: Spain considers allowing mortgage payments in crypto

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According to 20 Minutos, a Spanish newspaper group, lawmakers in the country are considering a proposal enabling mortgage payments with crypto.

The Digital Transformation Law would also include a raft of other measures to legitimize crypto, blockchain, and artificial intelligence technologies. Including tax incentives for firms operating within these sectors.

Spain looks to crypto for finance reform

The ruling People’s Party (PP) in Spain seeks to promote the use of crypto and other transformative technologies.

Under the proposal, the PP intends to modernize banking infrastructure and encourage companies to adopt transformative technologies in their day-to-day operations.

In terms of mortgage reform, not only do lawmakers wish to enable mortgage payments in crypto, but the proposal extends to include an overhaul of the entire mortgage system.

It puts forward the case that banks should use blockchain to administer the mortgage system. It also suggests utilizing smart contracts for insurance, which they believe will speed up the claims process.

“Introduction into the mortgage system – it also proposes that banks use Blockchain technology to manage mortgages, insurance and speed up compensation – it proposes to extend it to insurance policies, with ‘smart contracts’ with conditions depending on the procedures to be followed, the verification processes and potential incidents.

The PP also sees merit in using blockchain technology in the food chain to trace the origin via label passports. As well as in the health sector to document medical decisions and processes and in streamlining medical records administration.

Will Spain make the skeptics listen?

El Salvador’s Bitcoin legal tender bill was a revolutionary act demonstrating at a national level that Bitcoin and crypto have more use than speculation alone.

Then again, El Salvador, with its population of just 6.5 million, is still a small player on the global stage. Meaning, the impact of the Bitcoin bill was always going to be limited.

However, pro-crypto moves by Spain, which ranks 14th in the world by GDP, will undoubtedly send a more rousing point to the skeptics.

The likes of the U.S, among others, continue to drag their feet on affirmative crypto legal frameworks. Recently, U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren went on the offensive by regurgitating played-out arguments on environmental damage and criminality.

In making her arguments, she, like others before her, only made clear her ignorance of the technology. Which in turn highlights the foolishness of those uneducated on the matter influencing legislation which affects us all.

All eyes are on Spain in anticipation of unfolding events.