Editorial Policy

CryptoSlate follows a strict editorial policy guided by trust, transparency, objectivity, and quality sourcing.

  • Committment
    to Transparency

    Journalists are required to disclose if they have an interest in an asset or project mentioned in a post. In such a case, there is a โ€œCommitment to Transparencyโ€ disclaimer shown at the end of the post.

  • Rigorous

    It is critical that the facts are always delivered with utmost objectivity. Before an article is published, it is examined by an editor to ensure all facts are presented objectively and free from bias.

  • High Quality

    When covering existing news, we only cover stories that have been vetted by reputable news agencies. In addition, to ensure transparency and give proper attribution, all news is cited to its original source.

  • Copyright and

    All of our writers are required to source images and quotes that are within the public domain and always attribute any assets used to the original owner or creator.

  • Writersโ€™ Opinions

    From time to time, authors will publish opinion articles. The views and opinion of the author do not necessarily reflect the views and opinion of CryptoSlate.

  • Strict Advertising

    CryptoSlate does not do business with any projects that advertise any form of guaranteed returns, use deceptive marketing or refuse to publicly identify team members.

  • Who Is Behind

    CryptoSlate is an independent publication registered in the United States. CryptoSlate is not owned or controlled by any company that operates within the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry.