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Binance Launches Cryptocurrency Analysis and Altcoin Research Division

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance launches altcoin research lab. The lab will focus on analyzing the investment potential of projects and sharing this information with the general public. The Launch of Binance Research Binance launched its research lab November 8th....

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BancorX Launches With Promise of Decentralized Instant Cross-Chain Crypto Conversion

The Bancor Network announced the launch of a new generation crypto exchange service. The new service acts as a fundamental disruptor to the existing exchange paradigm that requires depositing funds on a centralized exchange, or order matching on a decentralized...

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BAT Listed on Coinbase Pro, Price Jumps 32 Percent Within Minutes of Announcement

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase listed the Basic Attention Token (BAT) on its “Pro” trading platform on Nov. 2, after months of speculation surrounding the support of popular altcoins. BAT’s Market Dominance A utility token powering the Brave browser and marketplace,...

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Hong Kong Unveils Regulatory “Sandbox” for Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms and Exchanges

Hong Kong unveiled a new set of regulations aimed at governing the local cryptocurrency trading and funding market in a move that seeks to improve investor protection and the city’s status as a premier financial hub. Accredited Investors Only...

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