ConsenSys’ Truffle announces new partnership with Microsoft

ConsenSys’ Truffle announces new partnership with Microsoft

Truffle, a subsidiary of Ethereum development studio ConsenSys, entered into a partnership with Microsoft. According to a press release shared with CryptoSlate, Truffle will integrate its developer tools with Microsoft Azure to bring quality developer experience and DevOps to enterprise blockchains.

Truffle announces Microsoft as preferred cloud and services partner

One of the first companies to offer tools for Ethereum developers, Truffle, partnered with Microsoft. The company announced the news in a press release where it said that it will integrate its developer tools to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service. The partnership will enable developers to build and manage enterprise blockchain applications.

Tim Coulter, the founder and CEO of Truffle, said in the release:

“Truffle recognizes the importance of this opportunity to bring our blockchain-native experience to enterprise developers across the world through our partnership with Microsoft.”

New partnership brings new services

One of the first services to be integrated into Azure and Truffle is Truffle Teams, an extension to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. According to the press release, the service will enable developers to create and compile smart contracts and test them locally using the Ganache testing environment.

The partnership will also provide a new set of tools that will enable teams to monitor the performance of blockchain apps in real time. Truffle Teams will remain free for open source users, the company said, adding that providing high-quality, enterprise-grade tools to developers will help drive blockchain adoption.

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According to Forbes, Truffle tools have been available on Microsoft Azure since May 2, and have already been used by thousands of people on the platform. Marc Mercuri, the principal program manager at Azure Blockchain Engineering, said that Microsoft “really believes” in the power of blockchain and that the partnership with Truffle is a natural extension of the company’s foray into blockchain.

This has been a great year for Truffle–so far, the company integrated with Quorum, an open-source enterprise blockchain where JPMorgan launched its JPMCoin, and AxCore, an Axoni blockchain that has been used by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation.

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