What is OpenCrowd?

We believe the powerful mix of Distributed Ledger Technologies, Machine Learning, and Real-time Analytics will fuel the next set of innovations. Since our inception in 2005 we have leveraged some of the most leading-edge technologies to help hundreds of clients ideate, build, and launch new products. Although in the last 15 years we have worked with clients from a wide range of sectors, including Investment Banks, Media, Sports, and Intellectual Capital, our key business focus continues to be FINTECH. Our client work falls into two basic categories: Smart Digital Solutions and Distributed Ledger Solutions.

OpenCrowd recently released DragonGlass, a cloud-based service that provides live and historical data across distributed ledgers. DragonGlass is currently live with Hedera Hashgraph data, and serves as the most robust and powerful Hashgraph explorer on the market today. Additionally, DragonGlass provides a full set of REST-based developer APIs to assist users in building distributed applications that utilize Hashgraph data. DragonGlass also contains a dApp Marketplace where dApp developers can list their product for users to view all details related to the dApp, including transaction history, balance history, and payment receipts.

OpenCrowd Services

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

  • Concept / Vision
  • Architecture to Scale
  • MVP in 90 Days
  • Pilot to Launch

Smart Analytics Applications

  • Visualization & Collaboration providing significant improvement in end user productivity
  • Real time search capabilities enabling discovery across a range of structured and unstructured data replacing the need for multiple data access applications
  • Machine learning & Natural language processing of data providing deeper insights, better analytics, and faster detection of anomalies, thus making the enterprise proactive, strategic and less reactive

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Sushil Prabhu
Sushil Prabhu

CEO & President

Shawn Traynor
Shawn Traynor

Head of Solutions

Brad Buck
Brad Buck

Head of Financial Services

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