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Power generator and bitcoin miner

Greenidge Generation Background

Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. is a vertically integrated power generator and bitcoin miner of scale in the United States. It has operations in Upstate New York and plans to expand operations to other locations in North America.

Boasting an environmentally-sound 106MW natural gas plant that has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, Greenidge enjoys significant competitive advantages including low fixed costs, an efficient mining fleet, in-house operational expertise and low power costs due to its access to some of the least expensive natural gas in North America.

The company is currently mining bitcoin and contributing to the security and transactability of the bitcoin ecosystem while concurrently meeting the power needs of homes and businesses in its region. Greenidge is committed to 100% carbon-neutral bitcoin mining at all of its locations by utilizing low-carbon sources of energy and offsetting its carbon footprint.

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Greenidge Generation
David Anderso

Chief Executive Officer

Greenidge Generation
Dale Irwin


Greenidge Generation
Scott MacKenzie

Chief Strategy Officer

Greenidge Generation
Bob Loughran

Chief Financial Officer

Greenidge Generation
Dustin Beaudry

Chief Technology Officer

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