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Cathedra Bitcoin Background

Cathedra Bitcoin Inc. is a Bitcoin company that develops and operates world-class bitcoin mining infrastructure.

Cathedra believes sound money and abundant energy are the fundamental ingredients to human progress and is committed to advancing both by working closely with the energy sector to secure the Bitcoin network. Today, Cathedraโ€™s diversified bitcoin mining operations total 203 PH/s and span three states and four locations in the United States. The Company is focused on expanding its portfolio of hash rate through a diversified approach to site selection and operations, utilizing multiple energy sources across various jurisdictions.

Cathedra Bitcoin News

Cathedra Bitcoin Team

Cathedra Bitcoin
Antonin Scalia

Chief Executive Officer

Cathedra Bitcoin
Thomas Armstrong

President & Chief Operating Officer

Cathedra Bitcoin
Sean Ty

Chief Financial Officer

Cathedra Bitcoin
Rete Browning

Chief Technology Officer

Cathedra Bitcoin
Isaac Fithian

Chief Field Operations and Manufacturing Officer

Cathedra Bitcoin
Tom Masiero

Head of Business Development

Cathedra Bitcoin Support

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