What is Bitspark?

In 2014, Bitspark was the first to send a cash in, cash out Bitcoin transfer between Hong Kong and the Philippines. Since then, Bitspark has pushed crypto usage forward by building market ready, cash to crypto products and services that make it easier to buy, exchange and sell crypto with cash. That’s how Bitspark makes crypto simple, accessible, and part of everyday life.

Bitspark Services

  • Cash to Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Bitspark Features

  • Multibalance wallet. Hold over 12+ cryptocurrency and stablecoin balances in your Bitspark App. (BitCNY, Bitcoin, Bitshares, Ethereum, Sparkdex.AUD, Sparkdex.EUR, Sparkdex.GBP, Sparkdex.HKD, Sparkdex.SGD, Sparkdex.USD, Stable.PHP, Zephyr)
  • Exchange. Exchange between any of your cryptocurrency and stablecoin balances.
  • Cash in, cash out near you. Deposit and withdraw to exchange crypto for your local currency at Bitspark Cash Points or half a million partner outlets.
  • Send and receive. Send P2P to other app users, or cash out your crypto to friends and family who donโ€™t have the app through cash points.
  • Hold. Not ready to buy crypto? Hold your cash in local currency stablecoins while you wait for the right price to buy.

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Bitspark Team

George Harrap
George Harrap

Co-Founder and CEO

Maxine Ryan
Maxine Ryan

Co-Founder and COO

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