Coinbase files motion to dismiss SEC lawsuit in its ‘entirety’ Coinbase files motion to dismiss SEC lawsuit in its ‘entirety’

Coinbase files motion to dismiss SEC lawsuit in its ‘entirety’

Against SEC headwinds, Coinbase dares to dismiss lawsuit amidst industry uncertainty.

Coinbase files motion to dismiss SEC lawsuit in its ‘entirety’

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UPDATE: Aug. 4, 14:15 GMT

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Council, Paul Grewal, announced on X that Coinbase has now submitted a brief to the court, asking for the dismissal of the SEC’s case against them.

Grewal stated that the company’s core argument is that they do not offer “investment contracts” as defined by decades of Supreme Court and other binding legal precedents.

In subsequent tweets, Grewal accused the SEC of violating due process and abusing its discretion by ignoring established precedent.

Furthermore, he asserts the SEC has overstepped its authority as set by Congress. Grewal closed his series of posts by expressing appreciation for the court’s careful consideration of the matter.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is set to file a motion to dismiss the ongoing lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in its entirety.

Uncovered in their recent shareholder letter, this bold counteraction forms part of a broader strategy as Coinbase navigates the crypto industry’s complex and turbulent regulatory seas.

“Coinbase will be filing a motion to dismiss the case in its entirety, in particular because it is our view that none of the assets or services in the SECโ€™s complaint constitute investment contracts under longstanding securities law.”

The exchange is faced with potential penalties and compliance with yet-to-be-determined injunctions. Amid these allegations, Coinbase reported losses in their Q2 financial report, despite significant revenue.

Coinbase Position on SEC

Coinbase stated that it remains resolute in its commitment to regulatory transparency and compliance. To this end, the organization is executing a multi-pronged approach to achieve comprehensive legislation protecting consumers while fostering growth within the crypto industry.

In an embattled statement, Coinbase declared,

“The internet we know today, brimming with tools and technology, came from the relentless efforts of a community, small in number but big in vision… Crypto, we believe, is on a similar trajectory”

The exchange is stepping up its engagements with regulators, legislators, and judicial processes as it claims,

“We’re still at the dawn of the crypto industry, a situation reminiscent of the internet’s earliest days.”

According to court documents filed on July 20, Coinbase has until Aug. 4, 2023, to present its initial arguments and defenses against the SEC’s claims. Following this, the SEC will have until Oct. 3, 2023, to present counterarguments to Coinbase’s initial brief.

Further, on Aug. 1, Coinbase publicly distanced itself from statements made by CEO Brian Armstrong, suggesting the SEC requested the delisting of all assets except Bitcoin from its exchange.

Beyond the SEC lawsuit

Beyond legal battles,ย Coinbase is bolstering its community engagement efforts, a move highlighted by the launch of its Global Advisory Council. This initiative aims to modernize financial systems, enhance public accountability, and underscore the firm’s commitment to harnessing the potential of crypto and blockchain technology.

Additionally, Coinbase reported Q2 revenues of $708 million, a decrease of 8% Quarter-on Quarter (Q/Q,) and net revenues of $663 million, a drop of 10% Q/Q, despite a net loss of $97 million and adjusted EBITDA of $194 million.

Factors contributing to the revenue decline include lower trading volumes and decreased consumer and institutional transaction revenue, partially offset by higher realized fees.

However, the company’s revenue decline outperformed the 48% Q/Q drop in the crypto spot market, resulting in a gain in market share. With $5.5 billion in USD resources, Coinbase expects Q3 revenues to be consistent with Q2 projections.

As it stands, Coinbase’s journey through regulatory challenges and the ongoing legal dispute with the SEC represents a crucible moment for the cryptocurrency industry.

Despite claimed “good faith efforts” toward the “SEC and the public for years,” Coinbase described its position as “deeply disappointed” after the SEC brought an “unwarranted enforcement action” against it in June.

The results of these legal proceedings hold the potential to set a precedent for the broader crypto sector, shaping the future of regulatory standards for digital assets.

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