A $100 million investment fund is “10 years long” on Ethereum A $100 million investment fund is “10 years long” on Ethereum
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A $100 million investment fund is “10 years long” on Ethereum

A $100 million investment fund is “10 years long” on Ethereum

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DARMA Capital, a $100 million investment firm heavily invested in Ethereum, is opening to investors who want to go long on cryptocurrency, as first reported by Bloomberg.

DARMA Capital is going all-in on cryptocurrency. The firmโ€™s flagship fund is an Ether-heavy portfolio with $100 million in digital assets under management. The fundโ€™s goal is to continue accumulating Ethereum at 1 percent of the fundโ€™s holdings per month.

The fund is helmed by a number of high-profile executives from ConsenSys, a blockchain technology conglomerate created by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. As DARMA’s first corporate client, Lubin has high expectations for Keys’ appointment.

โ€œAs a foundational member of ConsenSys Solutions, Andrew was a key driver in opening up the Ethereum ecosystem to enterprise,โ€ said Lubin. โ€œI expect Andrewโ€™s new role at DARMA will enable him to continue his work in strengthening and fostering communication and cohesion in our ecosystem.โ€

Keys co-founded ConsenSys Capital and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and operates DARMA Capital as a managing partner. Other partners include ConsenSys alumni James Slaza, the former head of Capital Marketsโ€”and John Slaza, the founder of JS Services, a quantitative trading analytics company.

Unlike ConsenSys, which is focused on the technical aspects of the Ethereum blockchain, DARMA Capital, under Keys, is focused on the โ€œfinancial aspectsโ€ of the platform.

The fund is registered with the CFTC as a Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) and Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Only accredited investors, family offices, and institutions can participate in the fund.

DARMA plans to launch a second fund for Bitcoin in the coming months. A third fund for Filecoin is planned for 2020.

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