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The Ethereum-Dogecoin Transactional Bridge Protocol is Coming Soon The Ethereum-Dogecoin Transactional Bridge Protocol is Coming Soon
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The Ethereum-Dogecoin Transactional Bridge Protocol is Coming Soon

Dogecoin’s much-awaited bridge to the Ethereum blockchain will soon be released following a 13-month long development period, according to the Medium blog. The update will make moving DOGE to the Ethereum network possible and in a seamless manner.

ETH-DOGE Join Hands

Taking inspiration from Ismael Bejarano and Oscar Guindzberg’s innovative Superblocks protocol, which merges transactional hashes from a Merkle tree into a single block, the update cuts down on unnecessary storage costs by working on a range of blocks instead of storing individual headers.

Interested developers can access the open-source user guide for Dogethereum on GitHub; however, Guindzberg notes a few features remain missing and could show up as bugs on test frames. The developer also cautions developers from using coins they hold sentimental value in, saying “use the bridge with coins you are open to losing [sic].”

A live demo of the bridge will be live-streamed Sept. 5, at 17H G.M.T by the Dogetheruem team.

The Dogecoin Mystery

Meanwhile, the Dogethereum protocol continues to be shrouded in mystery. Earlier in 2018, Bejarano and Guindzberg announced they would hard fork Dogecoin and create the DOGX token; however, a code review indicates the Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge is wholly unrelated to that project.

At the time, members of the Dogecoin community called out the possible overlap in Dogethereum:

“There is an ERC20 token going by the name ‘DOGX’ and calling itself Dogethereum. That project has no association with dogecoin or this dogethereum project. Especially important is that there is no fork of the dogecoin blockchain. Someone made a new ETH token and called it Dogethereum.”

A Reddit user in the same thread replied that DOGX was not an ERC20 token and unrelated to the Doge-Ethereum bridge project. Instead, the former was a mere copy-cat of the Ethereum blockchain to Dogethereum.

Furthermore, TrueBit, a scalable protocol for blockchains, launched a native “penetrable public art space,” called the Dogethereum Bridge Art Project, and is said to be launching its own version of the protocol. The project attempts to be a “physical representation” of Dogethereum, with contest winner Jessica Angel adding she was inspired by the Mobius Bridge in England.

The aforementioned artwork is a collaborative effort between Truebit and Bajerano’s company CoinFabrik, indicating the two rumoredly different projects indeed have operational similarities.

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