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Sony Develops Blockchain System for Digital Rights Management

Entertainment behemoth Sony Corporation announced Monday the development of a blockchain-based tool for the management of the rights to intellectual property such as music, videos, and written works. Sony: We Built a Blockchain for Music, Video Rights

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U.S. Digital Signing Giant DocuSign Integrates Ethereum For Smart Contract Signature Verification

U.S.-based DocuSign announced it will integrate the Ethereum blockchain and legal AI company Seal Software in its electronic signing business, starting immediately. AI and Blockchain The announcements are part of DocuSign’s Fall ‘18 Release, which sees the company offering...

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Blockstream Launches Liquid Network, Exchanges Can Now Transfer Bitcoin in Under 2 Minutes

With blockchain advancement once resting on the shoulders of beleaguered, boot-strapping developers, some would fire up the afterburners in a push to deliver tomorrow’s markets, today. Blockstream unveiled a Lightning Network-style solution permitting the largest stakeholders in the game to...

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The Cryptocurrency Tradeoff: How Decentralization, Privacy, and Throughput are Crypto’s Major Pain Points

Ten years after the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, the world is yet to witness the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies as an accepted form of payment – even in concentrated geographics. The Decentralization Irony Diving into the cryptocurrency market...

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