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Andressen Horowitz Invests $15 Million into Stablecoin Company MakerDAO

As established venture capital funds look with intent at the lucrative cryptocurrency space, stablecoin startups are seemingly catching their attention as the investment avenue of choice after crypto-exchanges and wallets services. A16Z Bullish on Stablecoins On Sept. 24, Andreessen...

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This Week in Blockchain Venture Capital – Sept. 25

CoinAlpha, a Mountain View-based startup using blockchain technology to create the next wave of transparent, efficient, and secure financial products, recently closed a $3.5 million seed round. Already involved with StartX, Stanford University’s accelerator program, other participants in the...

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Bitcoin Core Dev Takes Responsibility for Critical Bug: “I’m Embarrassed and Sorry”

John Newbery, a Bitcoin Core developer and contributor to cryptocurrency research and development group Chaincode Labs, takes responsibility for a critical bug recently discovered on the Bitcoin network. As CryptoSlate reported, on September 20, a serious issue called “bug...

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Qtum Unveils 0.16 Update on First Birthday, Targets 50,000 Tx/S

Qtum celebrated its first birthday with a bang, doubling down on the ambitions of its 2019 roadmap and releasing its “game-changer” 0.16 update, designed to scale the network to 50,000 transactions per second through lightning networks. A marriage of Ethereum...

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Critical Bug Would Have Allowed Hackers to Create Bitcoin, Detector Hints at Sabotage

Bitcoin Core developers acknowledged a potentially devastating vulnerability in the code of the original cryptocurrency and appealed to miners to upgrade to their newly issued patch with immediate effect. If exploited, bug CVE-2018–17144 would have permitted bad actors to...

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Civic Partners With Brave to Bring Reusable KYC Verification to Verified Publishers

At Consumer Identity World Tour 2018, identity verification software company Civic announced a partnership with Brave Software, in which verified publishers using Brave’s platform and Ethereum-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) will be able to verify their identities using Civic’s interface....

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Expo Lets Ethereum Haters Short ETH on First Completely Trustless Margin Trading Platform

As the cryptocurrency market matures, a number of exchanges have begun to offer crypto derivatives contracts. To margin trade on these platforms, users are forced to trust their crypto capital on centralized exchange wallets. A new open-source platform leveraging...

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