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Understanding the IRS and Cryptocurrency: Penalties, Tax Evasion, and Compliance

Delinquent federal and state tax filings or unreported 2017 or prior tax years’ transactions may force taxpayers dealing in crypto to liquidate significant positions in cryptocurrencies at lower values to pay outstanding tax liabilities to the IRS, including interest...

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Denmark Gains Access to Sensitive User Data on Domestic Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Taxation

The battle between tax authorities and cryptocurrency users took a turn in favor of the tax collectors. This month, Denmark’s tax authority won permission to start collecting private user information related to cryptocurrency trading. Denmark’s tax authority will now...

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Congressmen Introduce Bill to Change Securities Definition to Exclude Cryptocurrency

Two congressmen are introducing a bill that would exclude digital currencies from securities classification and substantially improve the tax treatment for cryptocurrencies. The new definition could benefit current cryptocurrency projects—such as Ripple’s XRP—and allow for ICOs and STOs to...

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Ohio First State to Accept Bitcoin: Calling Crypto Secure, Transparent, and Low Cost

Beginning Nov. 26, Ohio will begin accepting Bitcoin payments for twenty-three kinds of business taxes. The state will become the first in the United States–and one of the first governments in the world–to accept cryptocurrency. Up until now, there...

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