Sora Ventures founder Jason Fang giving away 1 BTC to celebrate Jubilee upgrade Sora Ventures founder Jason Fang giving away 1 BTC to celebrate Jubilee upgrade

Sora Ventures founder Jason Fang giving away 1 BTC to celebrate Jubilee upgrade

Fang is celebrating the Jubilee upgrade with a festive giveaway to engage the crypto community.

Sora Ventures founder Jason Fang giving away 1 BTC to celebrate Jubilee upgrade

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In a generous move to celebrate the New Year, Sora Ventures founder Jason Fang announced a Bitcoin giveaway to express his gratitude for the support he and Sora Ventures received over the past year.

Fang is giving away a total of 0.05 Bitcoin to 20 lucky followers, symbolizing affection with the number “520” — a term associated with love in Chinese culture.

To participate in this giveaway, interested individuals must follow a series of steps to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. Participants must follow Jason Fang’s personal account, Sora Ventures’ official X account (@sora_ventures), and the accounts of @trac_btc and @OnChainMonkey, hinting at a special collaboration in the works.

Additionally, entrants must tag three friends in their response and retweet Fang’s original giveaway announcement.

This giveaway deadline is Saturday, Jan. 13th, giving followers a limited window to engage and meet the entry requirements.

Surviving 2018

Founded by Jason Fang, Sora Ventures has established itself as a significant player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. Fang’s journey in the crypto world began with his stint at Fenbushi Capital, where he was introduced to the burgeoning blockchain technology and crypto assets.

His entrepreneurial spirit and foresight led him to establish Sora Ventures in 2017, focusing initially on Ethereum-based tokens and projects. Despite facing a substantial setback during the 2018 crypto bear market, where the value of Sora’s investments dropped by 80%, Fang demonstrated resilience and strategic acumen by navigating through these challenging times.

Under Fang’s leadership, Sora Ventures has concentrated heavily on Bitcoin, driven by its potential as a decentralized and secure option in the crypto sphere. The firm’s investment strategy notably focuses on decentralized science (DeSci), an innovative concept that aims to revolutionize drug development by leveraging decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This approach aligns with the ethos of Bitcoin and its community-driven development.

Fang’s vision for Bitcoin goes beyond its traditional role as a store of value. He anticipates a future where Bitcoin’s ecosystem thrives with new blockchain-based applications, similar to the growth Ethereum experienced. Fang sees parallels between Bitcoin’s current state and Ethereum in 2017, suggesting that as Bitcoin’s utility expands, its value could significantly increase.

Focused on Bitcoin

Sora Ventures has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and innovation within the Bitcoin community, particularly evident in their organization of the Sora Summit. The Summit began in 2018 and has become a benchmark for quality information and collaboration in the Bitcoin space.

The 2023 edition of the Sora Summit emphasized four key themes: Bitcoin Utility, Cryptography and Encryption, Decentralized Science, and NFT Utility. These themes reflect the firm’s commitment to exploring and investing in groundbreaking sectors within the crypto world, particularly those that enhance the utility and adoption of Bitcoin.

Giving away a Bitcoin aligns with Sora Ventures’ broader strategy of promoting Bitcoin’s utility and adoption. By doing so, they aim to increase awareness and engagement within the crypto community, particularly among those new to the space or interested in the evolving applications of Bitcoin.

This giveaway celebrates the New Year and symbolizes Sora Ventures’ confidence in Bitcoin and its future potential.

Disclaimer: Sora Ventures is an investor in CryptoSlate.

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