Sovereign Nature Initiative Launches DOTphin on Polkadot to Create Positive Environmental Impact

Aligning digital evolution with sustainability, DOTphin transforms environmental engagement into an interactive journey through NFTs.

Sovereign Nature Initiative Launches DOTphin on Polkadot to Create Positive Environmental Impact

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Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 9th, 2024, Chainwire – Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) has announced a collaboration with Unique Network and WalletConnect on Polkadot. Officially launching at Polkadot Decoded 2024, DOTphin will leverage NFTs to effect positive environmental change. This initiative was approved by strong community support through Polkadot OpenGov.

Powered by dynamic NFTs, DOTphin is designed to enhance event engagement and deliver real-world ecological impact. The project transforms event participation into an interactive journey, aligning digital evolution with sustainability. As a result, events are more rewarding and user engagement is higher.

DOTphin is an eco-linked dynamic multi-pass that supports biodiversity restoration. The avatar attached to each pass, represented as an NFT, evolves through a series of physical and digital events while bringing community engagement and sustainability support to the Polkadot ecosystem.

The official launch of DOTphin will commence with the distribution of eco-badges to attendees at Polkadot Decoded 2024 on July 11. These serve as keys to claiming unique DOTphin NFTs. EthCC ticket holders can claim a free Decoded ticket and their first POAP which will unlock a multi-event, multi-month journey that will support marine conservation efforts..

As a project focused on sustainability, DOTphin aligns with Polkadotโ€™s credentials as a green blockchain with a low carbon footprint. Targeted at environmentally-conscious users and investors, DOTphin demonstrates another use case for Polkadot technology while showcasing blockchainโ€™s ability to have a positive environmental impact.

Thanks to the dynamic design of DOTphin NFTs, each token evolves based on user engagement, creating a personalized and interactive experience. With funds channeled towards marine conservation, every digital interaction has a tangible ecological benefit. DOTphin holders can use the purpose-built REAL Portal to check the status of their NFT and follow activities.

By integrating real-world species data with evolving NFTs, DOTphin aims to showcase how blockchain can drive positive ecological impact. In combining web3 technology with ecological stewardship, DOTphin is pioneering new use cases for NFTs and uniting like-minded individuals who can collaborate to achieve shared goals.

DOTphin will officially launch at Decoded on July 11 and will continue through eight additional blockchain gatherings including sub0, Token 2049, and DevCon.

About DOTphin

Developed by Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) with the support of Unique Network and WalletConnect, DOTphin makes use of dynamic NFTs on Polkadot. This supports ecological conservation while rewarding engagement, allowing communities to collaborate to achieve positive real-world change.



Catherine Bischoff
Sovereign Nature Initiative
[email protected]


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