Minerset.com announces new 200-megawatt crypto-mining facility

Minerset.com announces new 200-megawatt crypto-mining facility

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Known as a leader in cryptocurrency-mining hardware sales and logistics, Minerset has generated revenues of more than $300 million in distributing 120,000-plus crypto-mining devices to more than 200 investors worldwide. As a strong supporter and heavy investor in a cryptocurrency-mining ecosystem, Minerset is excited to announce that it has started construction of a mining facility situated in South Carolina that will allow investors to start mining Bitcoin (BTC) effectively.ย 

Minerset Farms has secured the services of Bit5ive to project-manage, procure and install all of the infrastructure, aiming to be ready to go live on June 1, 2022. The new site will initially host eight-by-one megawatt Bit5ive mining pods with a capacity to host 2,240 miners at an approximate total hash rate of 224 petahash.ย 

As a group, Minerset is a strong believer in green mining and understands how important the use of renewable energy is to ensure a sustainable crypto ecosystem. The South Carolina region was carefully selected due to the abundance of sustainable nuclear power.

โ€œThis is just the beginning for Minerset, as this site has huge potential to grow to a total of 200 megawatts and beyond in a relatively short space of time. Up until now, Minerset Holdings has just been an equity investor in mining-farm real estate. This new site gives Minerset the opportunity to really boost its influence in the cryptocurrency space. Coupled with its strong performance over the last five years as a hardware distributor and increased buying power, we are really excited about the future of Minerset. Through Minerset Solutions LLC and Minerset Farm LLC, Minerset will become the number-one crypto-mining solution provider whilst increasing its ability to add value through self-mining with our investment in this site,โ€ said Elias Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Minerset.

For more details on the hosting packages that are available and the extensive services Minerset offers, please visit Minerset.com/hosting/Minerset-South-Carolina-facility.ย 

Bit5ive is a leader in cryptocurrency data centers, with several projects currently developing in the United States.ย Bit5iveโ€™s success lies in its commitment to its clients, hailing from a variety of industries and professions.Its corporate headquarters are based inย Miami, Florida, serving as a management hub for its data centers, sales and customer service.

Minerset.com, launched in early 2017, has established itself as a one stop shop solution for all digital mining needs accessible only within our comprehensive ecosystem:

  • supplying the latest digital mining hardware and infrastructure
  • providing streamlined, safe and secure logistics
  • enabling access to a global network of renewable mining farm projects where you can find complete hosting solutions to grow your investment