After Selling Out in Just Four Days, What Makes Huobi’s Prime Earn Stand Out?

After Selling Out in Just Four Days, What Makes Huobi’s Prime Earn Stand Out?

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Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, announced the launch of Prime Earn, a premium investment product under Huobi Earn for staking mainstream crypto assets at the end of last year. Each of the products were sold out within just four days and the total amount staked reached $132 million.

Offering high annualized percentage yields (APY) as incentives for crypto investors to hold their assets, Prime Earn addresses the issue that most of the investment products in the market are flexible deposit products and how low the APYs can be. In the first event, four mainstean assets were provided by Prime Earn: USDT, USDC, BTC, and ETH. According to data disclosed by Huobi Global, the amount of staked stablecoins USDT and USDC reached $70 million, accounting for 53% of the total volume. All of the BTC and ETH products were sold out in just six hours. 5,616 lucky users were able to win access to the products.

“The interest rates offered by Prime Earn are attractive, and we expect that Prime Earn can introduce more options for assets, staking periods, and APY in future events,” said Habib Kamaldeen​​, an investor using Huobi Earn. “I choose Prime Earn as a financial management tool because it can yield a lot of money and I don’t need to constantly monitor it.”

With all products sold out in just 96 hours, what makes Huobi’s Prime Earn stand out? As a sub-product of Huobi Earn, Prime Earn has natural product and user-base advantages, attracting investors around the world. Apart from Prime Earn products which provide APYs as high as 15% for mainstream assets, Huobi Earn offers more than 41 assets for depositing and staking, enabling its users to manage their digital assets in an easier and more efficient way.

With Featured Deposits, Flexible Deposits, and Fixed Deposits as the three main products, Huobi Earn aims to provide investors with multiple options to manage their assets. Users can stake assets connected to NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, and more. In August this year, Huobi Earn launched a new product, First Timer, where new users can receive APYs of up to 88% in the first seven days of depositing assets.

In the future, Huobi Earn will launch more exciting campaigns to enable crypto investors to earn incentives while holding their assets for longer periods of time. The 2nd Prime Earn event will be rolled out at the end of January this year. Please stay tuned.