Joost Jager

Lightning Infrastructure Engineer at Lightning Labs

Joost Jager Bio

Joost occupied diverse development roles within a broad range of companies. After a world circumnavigation by sailing boat, he dedicated several years to the development of route optimization software for ocean-going vessels. Meanwhile, Joost’s interest in algorithms kept pulling his attention to Bitcoin and Lightning, to the point that he now works on it full time. His academic background is a M.Sc. in CS with a specialization in artificial intelligence.

Source: Lightning Labs

Joost Jager News

Joost Jager Current Work

Joost Jager Previous Work

  • Ultimaker Software Developer / Product Owner 2017-2018
  • MeteoGroup Nederland Leader Developer Artificial Intelligence 2016-2017

Joost Jager Education

  • Radboud University, Master of Science, 1997-2001

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