Opera’s newest update brings Ethereum crypto wallet and Web 3 support

Opera’s newest update brings Ethereum crypto wallet and Web 3 support

Opera Software announced the release of its 60.0 desktop browser “Reborn 3.” The highly-anticipated update includes Web 3 support and a crypto wallet, as well as a revamped VPN and ad blocker—helping users remain in control of their digital life.

Opera Launches First Desktop Browser for Web 3

Opera, the company behind the eponymous Opera browser, has officially launched Opera 60.0. Aptly named Reborn 3, the newest iteration of its browser has been welcomed by the crypto industry for its new features that cater to enthusiasts.

According to the company’s official blog post, Reborn 3 includes Web 3 support and a crypto wallet, a feature it deemed the “most important” in the launch. Reborn 3 will enable users to explore and make transactions with the blockchain-based DApps that characterize Web 3.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, Reborn’s crypto wallet enables users to store collectibles in the Opera browser that sync in the browser’s Android version. This means that wallet keys never have to leave the user’s smartphone, reducing the chance for funds to be hacked or stolen.

The company said in its blog post:

“In our pursuit of empowering users to improve all aspects of their web experience, we feel this is the most powerful development, truly the beginning of a new era of the Web.”

Reborn 3 Offers Users Tools To Reclaim Control of Their Online Presence

The Norway-based company also introduced many other features to the Reborn 3 browser. Apart from free unlimited VPN data that comes integrated into the browser, the entire platform received a complete facelift.

The browser features a “borderless” design, with the dividing lines between buttons and other parts of the browser removed to avoid any distractions for the user. Two different themes have also been added, light and dark.

Opera‘s free integrated VPN was updated to increase its speed and functionality. However, when compared with other third-party VPN services, Opera’s integrated VPN only offers a limited choice of location. Users can choose between IP addresses in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, rather than choosing virtual addresses in particular countries.

But, with most same-tier VPN services requiring monthly or yearly subscriptions, Opera’s free VPN seems welcomed by the community despite its shortcomings. The browser is now available as a freeware download for Windows, macOS, and 64-bit Linux users.

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