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New crypto asset data features on CryptoSlate–trusted volume, NVT and crypto sector data

New crypto asset data features on CryptoSlate–trusted volume, NVT and crypto sector data

Consistent with our goal of becoming the front page of crypto, we have rolled out a slate of new features to help readers stay informed with accurate and reliable crypto data. We are proud to introduce proprietary sector data, trusted volume, and network value to transaction (NVT) ratios for hundreds of crypto assets.

CryptoSlate’s mission has always been to deliver original journalism and real-time data in ways that enhance people’s understanding of the crypto market. Over the last month, we have made tremendous progress in overhauling the experience, including a complete rebuild of our front page and coins pages.

One of the deficiencies we see in blockchain-based applications today is, on average, lackluster user experience. We have decided to combat the trend with a best-in-industry website that’s functional and easy to use across all devices.

And, today, we’re announcing the launch of three new features.

Sector Data

Since its inception, CryptoSlate has manually collected thousands of data points on over 2,100 coins, including:

  • Technical information (such as algorithm, consensus, staking rewards, etc.)
  • Project founders information (with links to Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn profiles)
  • Whitepaper and block explorer links
  • Project social media links

We have integrated this data into our coin pages to help people access all the information about a project in one place.

Leveraging this huge body of data, we have launched a feature unique to crypto-journalism websites: sector data.

We sorted our database of 2,100 coins into over 50 discrete sectors—collections of cryptos that share similar properties—so readers can more easily identify trends and growth in different areas in the blockchain space.

CryptoSlate Sectors
A sampling of CryptoSlate’s different sectors

Now, readers can quickly compare growth and adoption in different areas of blockchain has never been easier. We have created new metrics such as:

  • Sector dominance – a percentage share of the overall crypto market
  • Sector price movement – weighted averages for price movement across 24 hours and 7 day periods
  • Sector daily volume – aggregated reported volume for all cryptos in a given sector
Source: Computing Sector

OpenMarketCap Integration

In addition to sector data, CryptoSlate has partnered with OpenMarketCap to provide users not only with reported market volume but also trusted 24-hour volume. Real trading volume has become even more important in light of Bitwise’s report showing that 95 percent of reported exchange volume is the product of wash trading.

Trusted Volume calculates volume only from reputable crypto exchanges without fake volumes, all of which are considered to list accurate trading volumes.

Now, readers can easily access these metrics for evaluating projects on CryptoSlate.

Another useful metric we’ve introduced is the Network Value to Transaction (NVT) ratio.

The Network Value to Transactions (NVT) ratio calculates the dollar value of crypto transaction activity relative to the network value.

When a coin’s NVT is high, it indicates that the project’s market valuation outstrips the USD value transmitted over the network. Keep in mind that this is a simplistic metric that does not take into account second-layer solutions or sidechains used for processing transactions. As such, the metric is best used in conjunction with other data.

Source: CryptoSlate Bitcoin coin profile

Let us know what you think about the new updates over Twitter and head over to our coins page to see our proprietary sector data.

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