CryptoSlate is now verified as a Brave Publisher CryptoSlate is now verified as a Brave Publisher
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CryptoSlate is now verified as a Brave Publisher

CryptoSlate is now verified as a Brave Publisher

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CryptoSlate aims to support conscientious companies making use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and one of those companies is Brave. To support our colleagues, we are now a participant in Brave Browser’s Publisher program.

Background on Brave Browser

Brave Browser is looking to provide web surfers with a secure, fast, and private web browser. Their browser protects user privacy in a way that is built-in to the experience, making it simpler—and potentially more rewarding.

One innovation from Brave is its Basic Attention Token (BAT). Previously, users have had to endure previously intrusive and sometimes extortionary ads, or use an ad blocker that would censor ads with impunity—leaving publishers and web services with no way to earn revenue from their free services.

Brave has found a way to turn viewing ads into a choice. Through Basic Attention Token, users can choose to block ads entirely or view ads in exchange for compensation in BAT. Those who use Brave can even choose to tip the services they use automatically.

Ethos of CryptoSlate

At CryptoSlate, our first priority is to help foster a healthy and informed crypto-community. A seamless and unintrusive experience is—and has always been—part of our website. We also believe that crypto companies should support each other in building this community.

To further those objectives, we have integrated Brave as a Rewards participant. If you find value in our service, consider enabling auto-contribute on Brave browser.

Source: Brave://rewards

As always, we hope to serve you by providing accurate, objective, and timely blockchain and cryptocurrency news coverage—now, with Brave.

Download the Brave Browser to support CryptoSlate.

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