Microsoft to air Copilot ad during Super Bowl LVIII Microsoft to air Copilot ad during Super Bowl LVIII

Microsoft to air Copilot ad during Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII will feature a small selection of AI ads, while crypto-related firms seem to have forgone marketing during the event this year.

Microsoft to air Copilot ad during Super Bowl LVIII

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Microsoft is set to advertise its popular artificial intelligence product, Copilot, during the Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, Feb. 11, according to a Feb. 7 blog post.

Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi said:

“This year, weโ€™re proud to celebrate the transformative power of AI and Microsoft Copilot, showcasing peoplesโ€™ ‘watch me’ moments with Copilot enabling people to do things previously unattainable.”

Mehdi said that, alongside the ad launch, Copilot has been updated with a new “streamlined look and feel” on the web and mobile. He added that the current announcement marks one year since Microsoft began to offer AI-powered services through Bing Chat.

Medhi also emphasized the growth of Copilot and said that users have created more than 5 billion chats and 5 billion images so far.

Microsoft simultaneously published its ad spot on YouTube on Feb. 7, labeling the video its “Game Day Commercial.”

The video shows Copilot’s use in various tasks, including generating code, content, and images. The company has aired at least six other Super Bowl advertisements โ€” singular ads in 2020, 2019, 2014, and 2000, along with two in 2015.

Microsoft’s latest ad follows earlier reports from CNN on Feb. 2, which suggested that AI ads would essentially be absent from the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, two AI-related ads from Etsy and Google are also expected during the game.

Crypto ads not expected

Crypto ads are expected to be absent from the game, with FOX reporting on Feb. 9 that no crypto-related ads are planned, confirming CNN’s earlier reports.

Crypto exchange Kraken confirmed to FOX that it has not placed a Super Bowl ad, with CMO Mayur Gupta calling the game a “U.S.-centric event.” He further stated that the next wave of crypto marketing will likely focus on education and awareness rather than hype.

Similarly, other crypto-related firms do not plan to advertise during the game.

BlackRock recently became one of the first asset managers to issue a spot Bitcoin ETF and has begun advertising that product in various ways.ย However, sources close to BlackRock told FOX that the firm has not placed a Super Bowl ad this year.

FOX added that it is “unclear” whether Coinbase will be featured, noting that the firm runs frequent television ads and has placed one past Super Bowl ad.

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