Logan Paul NFTs sell $3.5 million worth on first day of release Logan Paul NFTs sell $3.5 million worth on first day of release
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Logan Paul NFTs sell $3.5 million worth on first day of release

Logan Paul NFTs sell $3.5 million worth on first day of release

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Logan Paul sells $3.5mn worth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the first day of release. The popular YouTuber launched his line of NFTs last week in collaboration with Bondly – the Polkadot-based decentralized products ecosystem.

Logan Paul enlists help from Pokemon

Despite being a relatively unknown small-cap project, Bondly focuses on innovative ways for users to buy and sell digital assets.

“Bondlyโ€™s mission is to make digital payments secure, interoperable, and capable of scaling for global use.”

The Bondly ecosystem encompasses several cutting-edge functions. This includes fully decentralized atomic swaps with cross-chain compatibility, and a DEX with fiat ramping via its Bond DEX solution.

The Logan Paul NFTs are part of a promotion to win 1st edition Pokemon packs. Three lucky winners get flown out to California to take part in a live unboxing on February 27. This also includes express PSA grading of the cards, and an NFT minted especially for the pack winners.

Logan Paul NFTs marketed with Pokemon

Entry in the giveaway requires the purchase of Logan Paul NFTs via the BondSwap Market. The cost is 1ETH per NFT. The sale opening on February 19, and will run until this weekend with unsold items being burned.

Users have purchased 1,772 NFTs to date, with the bulk of sales coming in the first half-hour of going live.

“In preparation for Logan Paulโ€™s big Pokemon unboxing, Bondly Finance is excited to collaborate with Logan on launching this limited edition round of NFTs.”

NFTs are gaining traction

Although NFTs attract controversy, this year has seen an explosion of interest in them.

Last week, Christie’s, the world-famous auction house, announced its first-ever digital art NFT auction. The piece, called Everydays – The First 5,000 Days, by renounced digital artist Mike Winklemann, better known as Beeple, opens for bidding February 25 through March 11.

Commenting on the auction, Winklemann pointed out NFTs are turning the traditional art world on its head. He said, most haven’t grasped the scale of the shift taking place right now.

“It’s been a lot to take in.

The rabbit hole of possibilities that this is going to bring to the art worldโ€”I donโ€™t think people are fully recognizing that this is going to be a massive, massive shift.”

On that, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson agrees with Winklemann. He reached out to rock legend Gene Simons over the possibility of minting Kiss NFTs. Hoskinson sees this as an ideal opportunity to showcase the tokenization functionality made possible by the up-and-coming Mary hard fork.

Simons recently tweeted his interest in Cardano.

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