KYVE mainnet launch on Pi Day brings decentralized, trustless data lakes on-chain KYVE mainnet launch on Pi Day brings decentralized, trustless data lakes on-chain

KYVE mainnet launch on Pi Day brings decentralized, trustless data lakes on-chain

KYVE mainnet launches, offering trustless data solutions with Cosmos SDK blockchain for Web3 developers, node runners, and data analysts.

KYVE mainnet launch on Pi Day brings decentralized, trustless data lakes on-chain

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Blockchain data verification network KYVE successfully launched its mainnet on Pi Day (3/14) at 3:03:14 PM CET on March 14 after two years of development.

The decentralized data lake is built using the Cosmos SDK as a Layer 1 blockchain and is designed to provide trustless data solutions for developers, node runners, and data analysts. The mainnet launch follows an incentivized testnet that attracted over 43,000 unique users and deployed an official testnet called Kaon โ€” which serves as a mainnet replica.

KYVE’s core value proposition and use cases

In an exclusive interview with CryptoSlate, KYVE stated that, by addressing data access challenges, KYVE aims to make “trustless data a public good.”

The platform’s solutions can benefit developers building within specific ecosystems, node runners, and data analysts from the web2 space.

Additionally, KYVE’s mainnet launch and subsequent token-generation event (TGE) also open up new opportunities for collaboration with other blockchain projects, such as Sei Network, which requires off-chain data like sports results and weather data to be validated on-chain in a decentralized manner.

KYVE’s platform is customizable, allowing users to easily access trustless data for free. The data pipeline โ€” powered by Airbyte โ€” enables users to import data from any pool directly into their backend without needing code. This feature makes KYVE more accessible to those without coding expertise or requiring rapid development.

Token distribution and upcoming plans

KYVE’s token distribution will be vested for the top 10,000 participants on the incentivized testnet leaderboard. There are no current plans for an airdrop.

Following the mainnet launch, KYVE will focus on its official token listing and the launch of the first few pools on its protocol layer.

KYVE is also developing an oracle to supply trustless data to Cosmos projects via IBC. Trustless data is a bit issue at the moment. Chainlink, a major building block of web3, shares a similar vision for bringing data on-chain and recently launched a new product entitled “Chainlink Function” during ETHDenver.

Chainlink Functions aims to bring web2 data on-chain through an easy-to-use dashboard โ€” echoing KYVE’s mission to improve compatibility with the off-chain world. As a result, both projects are expanding the decentralized, trustless data options ย in both web3 and web2.

Industry support and further information

KYVE has gained significant support from top VCs and blockchain projects, including NEAR Protocol, IOSG, Coinbase, Interchain Foundation, Arweave, and many more. Its mission is to revolutionize customized access to on and off-chain data and potentially transform the way developers work with data in the blockchain space.

As KYVE moves forward, its goal is to operate as a DAO and continue to build innovative solutions for decentralized data validation, immutability, and retrieval. With its mainnet launch, KYVE has taken a step toward making data a public good that is accessible and secure for all.

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