IBM Joins ‘Yellow Pages of Blockchain’ As Founding Member IBM Joins ‘Yellow Pages of Blockchain’ As Founding Member
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IBM Joins ‘Yellow Pages of Blockchain’ As Founding Member

IBM Joins ‘Yellow Pages of Blockchain’ As Founding Member

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For businesses seeking decentralized enterprise solutions, the number of emerging blockchain projects is almost too overwhelming. Helping to organize a decentralized list of blockchain companies, IBM has joined the Hacera Unbounded Registry as a founding member.

‘Yellow Pages of Blockchain’ Launched

The Hacera Unbounded Registry acts as a “yellow pages of blockchain” for projects built on distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and will allow users to register, join, search and transact across multiple blockchain solutions, according to a blog post.

Designed for interoperation, the Unbounded Registry also links to popular blockchain protocols such as the Stellar Network, Hyperledger Sawtooth and R3 Corda.

The decentralized project list strives to provide users with a single source of information on all blockchain projects, making it easier for businesses and individuals to answer questions about blockchain solutions themselves.

In the blog post, Jerry Cuomo, vice president of blockchain technologies at IBM, said:

“We realized from the start that you cannot do blockchain on your own; you need a vibrant community and ecosystem of like-minded innovators who share the vision of helping to transform the way companies conduct business in the global economy.”

Hacera and IBM have collaborated on developing blockchain projects since 2016. Hacera joined the IBM Blockchain ecosystem as one of its first members, working toward the release of the Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 in 2017. Adding to his statement, Cuomo noted:

“By working with Hacera and other members of Unbounded Registry, we see a future where consumers and providers of blockchain services will be able to discover each other and begin transacting in a more secure way and where technology providers and consumers can innovate and integrate to create limitless and unbounded possibilities.”

The Unbounded Registry will provide key features like reserved naming, discoverability and cataloged domain-specific services to users.

Through the registry, Hacera and IBM hope to achieve an “independent, open and shared” platform of information for blockchain communities to access worldwide.